Places is a cycle of minimal art projects carried out irregularly in various enclosed spaces scattered around the city and found through its exploration. It is all about entering a Place and experiencing it ‘as is’ at a specific point in time. The Place is then both the starting point and a situation per se. Artists respond to the found spaces with their interventions.

In the Places project, space is deemed a synesthetic experience stimulating all the senses. In “The Eyes of the Skin”, Juhani Pallasmaa writes: “Every touching experience of architecture is multi-sensory; qualities of space, matter and scale are measured equally by the eye, ear, nose, skin, tongue, skeleton and muscle. Architecture strengthens the existential experience, one’s sense of being in the world, and this is essentially a strengthened experience of self. Instead of mere vision, or the five classical senses, architecture involves several realms of sensory experience which interact and fuse into each other”.